About Mirthe


Mirthe, c’est de la musique folk rock à la française ! Chanteuse, elle s’accompagne elle-même à la guitare, au piano et à la harpe celtique. Elle propose des concerts et elle vient de sortir son premier album “Éclosion” en collaboration avec Rémy Verneuil.


Mirthe is first and foremost a singer, but it comes natural to her to accompany herself on one of her string instruments: the guitar, the piano, the celtic harp. On stage she goes from one instrument to the other, thereby offering a varied and unique show to her audience.

Through her repertoire of songs written and composed in collaboration with Rémy Verneuil (see below), Mirthe sings her passions, her loves and her convictions.

Expression is key for Mirthe. She likes to tell stories through music - paint a picture with the lyrics, evoke emotions with the sounds, take the listener on a journey... But most of all she looks for meaning in every song, a certain vibration that moves something - in herself and in others.

Together with Rémy Verneuil, Mirthe has worked on several musical projects. First two series of French translations of English songs : songs by Bob Dylan and traditional American, Irish and British songs.
More recently, Rémy and Mirthe have been writing their own songs - most in French, some in English. Six of these titles have been released on their album   “Éclosion”.

Collaboration avec Rémy Verneuil

Rémy Verneuil is a poet, author, photographer and painter. Almost all photographs on this website of Mirthe are his work, as are all the posters for her concerts (see the concert blog on the French Agenda). Please visit his website to get a glimpse of the wide range of his art.

Mirthe & Terry Lark: a meeting of two talents with each their own baggage as musicians and human beings: Mirthe coming from the lands of folk and Terry from the country of rockabilly. As a duo they play folk rock covers from the sixties and seventies in a savvy blend of charm and dynamics and in a cocktail of emotion and rhythm. In the line of Dylan, Baez and Cash, they will transport you with the vibrations of their strings to spheres overflowing with nostalgic delights.

Duo with Terry Lark

Double-bass player Terry Lark will start accompanying Mirthe soon on her compositions. Since the start of 2020, they the two musicians have already been on stage together with a show of folk rock covers from the sixties and seventies. They continue this repertoire under the name The Late Bloomers.