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Mirthe plays SOLO gigs.

Voice, guitar, piano and Celtic harp: Mirthe goes from one accompanying instrument to another.

Repertoire mainly in French.

Acoustic folk rock / chanson française.

The repertoire:

    Mirthe sings her passions, her loves and her convictions with original songs. Lyrics and music by Mirthe and/or Rémy Verneuil.
    A couple of titles: “Je nous aime”, “J’irai bien voir ailleurs”, “Sur une barricade” and lots of others...

    Something new with something old! The stories and the emotions of American, Irish and British traditionals and standards translated into French. Translations by Rémy Verneuil, arrangements by Mirthe.
    Among others “La Maison du Lever d’Soleil” (“The house of the rising sun”), “Sous les pins” (“In the pines”), “Scarborough Fair” and “Là-bas près de la saulaie” (“Down by the Salley Gardens”).

    The poetry of this American troubadour now also accessible to French speakers. Translator Rémy Verneuil stayed as close as possible to the content, meaning and meter of the original songs.
    With “S’envole dans le vent” (“Blowing in the wind”), “Pour toujours jeune” (“Forever young”), “Comme une pierre qui roule” (“Like a rolling stone”)  and others!

Download here the (French) folder October 2023